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    • No server related crying/rant threads. There are way better ways for your voice to be heard assuming it's reasonable and cohesive.
    • No necroposting on threads (exceptions being Stickied posts.). Necroposting is defined as posting after the last legitimate post that has already surpassed 1 week in time.
    • No threats are allowed of any kind.
    • No links/advertisements leading to malicious sites/porn/screamers/scams.
    • Any content that is suggestive or lewd must be marked with the NSFW tag.
    • Do not post in the wrong sections with regards to the topic you're posting about.
    • No shitposting/meme'ing on serious posts. Shitposting is defined as a post that delivers no value to the thread and/or is completely unrelated to the thread it is being posted in.
    • Flagging/reporting is to be used only when a post breaks one of the above rules.
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